Youssef Amrani emphasizes Morocco’s commitment to democratic values and African solidarity

Youssef Amrani emphasizes Morocco’s commitment to democratic values and African solidarity

Moroccan Ambassador to South Africa, Youssef Amrani, said Friday 4 October 2019 at a meeting of Ambassadors organized by the Pan-African Parliament, "the Kingdom of Morocco expresses his full solidarity with the South African authorities in the wake of the tragic events that the country has experienced in recent weeks”

Reaffirming the Kingdom's unwavering commitment to democratic principles and the culture of debate, Mr. Armani welcomed the maintaining of the 3rd Ordinary Session of the Pan African Parliament scheduled for 7-19 October 2019, saying that "the Kingdom intends to make this the next deadline a renewed opportunity to reiterate forcefully its commitment and willingness to play a constructive role in the pan-African parliamentary body”

Morocco's participation in this next parliamentary session is fundamentally in line with his ambition to support and promote democratic values, the emergence of the continent and the spirit of brotherhood that unites African countries H.E. Mr Youssef Amrani

In response to the call for support expressed by the PAP President and by the Dean  of the Diplomatic Corps , M Amrani said it is necessary  that all the Ambassadors accredited  in Pretoria back South Africa in its efforts to resolve  this crisis and others "in a consensual way, seeking the compromise,  within the framework of good neighborhood rules observance”

"The joint communiqué between South Africa and Nigeria at the conclusion of President Muhammadu Buhari's State Visit to Pretoria speaks eloquently of this positive approach," he said.

Regarding the Pan-African Parliament, Mr. Amrani emphasized the need for support to be effectively expressed toward this democratic institution. "The PAP must be able to be the home of African democracy, and represent the peoples of Africa."

Mr. Amrani also referred to the migration challenge advocating a more efficient and inclusive  management of this issue , particularly within the framework of the African Union, and this, on the basis of a concerted, inclusive and comprehensive approach.

Mr. Amrani concluded his statement by expressing his deep conviction that "the PAP is a fundamental instrument for our continent", thus signaling his full readiness to work with the diplomatic corps accredited in Pretoria to revitalize the sub-committee intended to follow up the agenda priorities.