Morocco’s new government, less portfolios for better efficiency

Morocco’s new government, less portfolios for better efficiency

The appointment of the Government is the first action of the sequence announced in the Royal Speech on the occasion of the Throne Day.

This appointment responds to the Most High Instructions of His Majesty the King in the Speech from the Throne: “I ask the Head of Government to submit to me, proposals to fill executive posts in the Government and the civil service with high-level national elites chosen on merit and competence. This does not mean that the current Government and our civil service are completely lacking in qualified human resources. I simply want to make sure the new phase is a success thanks to people with a different mentality and officials who are capable of raising performance levels and bringing about the radical change we are yearning for.”

The restructuring of the government is a real shift in government action. Nothing will be like before. His Majesty the King and the Moroccan people are waiting for achievements and concrete results from the Government. The hour is no longer in politician and convenient calculations.

This is not a simple ministerial reshuffle. This is a redesign of the executive. The executive is reviewed in depth: in its architecture, its profiles and its missions.

It is an operational government, designed to deliver results and not to handle routine business.

It's not change for change. Ministers who have demonstrated their efficiency are either maintained or redeployed. The government reflects openness to all the skills, apart from making political orientations. It is a consensus on efficiency, beyond political parties. It is a Government that reconciles the political approach (as it is carried by a parliamentary majority), with the search for competent profiles mastering their field and having an expertise for what is expected.It is not a "government of technocrats", but a "government of competence".

It is an innovative government. It is the most collected government in the history of Morocco, with 24 members, including the Head of Government designed as a real task force and turned towards efficiency. The sectors are organized upon logic of big poles. Nearly 18% of Government members are women (4 out of 23).