The Speech of HM The King Mohammed VI commemorating the 44th Anniversary of the Green March

HM the King Delivers Speech to Nation on 44th Anniversary of Green March


1. The Royal Speech on the occasion of the 44th anniversary of the Green March, is a continuation of a sequence of founding speeches of the "new phase"; a sequence inaugurated by the Thrine Day Speech of July 30, 2019.

2. The Throne Day Speech, the Speech of the Revolution of the King and the People, the Speech at the opening of the Parliament session, and the Speech of His Majesty of November 6, 2019, are all structuring of this "new phase", with its principles, vision and logic. They all emphasize the mobilization, the responsibility, the capitalization of the achievements and the strengthening of what remains to be strengthened.

3. This state of mind is found at the first assertion of the Royal Speech, according to which:

- "The Green March has been and will remain the absolute symbol of the symbiosis that indissolubly unites the Throne and the people";

- "the momentum that made possible the recovery of the Sahara in 1975 is still alive today, and it is still the undying spirit of the Green March that drives us as we commit ourselves to a successful conclusion the development of all regions of the Kingdom ".

4. Thus, the "new phase" needs the same spirit of the Green March, so that it presides over the implementation of the development of all regions of the Kingdom, as part of the advanced regionalization and in a logic complementarity, coherence and harmony.

5. The Royal Speech considers the National Question not only in its internal dimension, but also in its external dimension. Thus, Morocco, whose position is marked by the seal of clarity, is consistent with itself, with the United Nations, with regional organizations and with its external partners: autonomy and nothing but autonomy.

- What the speech also notes, is that this position of clarity of the Kingdom, arouses support at the international level, within the United Nations, in Regional Organizations, as in bilateral partnerships and with regional groups.

- The latest UN Security Council resolution, constructive developments at the level of the African Union, strengthened partnerships with the EU, the United Kingdom, Italy, as well as the growing tendency of countries to withdraw recognition to the pseudo "rasd", are some examples.

6. In sum, the clear and principled position of Morocco today gives rise to a positive dynamic, which is emphasized in the Royal Speech.


1. The Royal Speech is in continuity and coherence with the Speech of November 6, 2018, which had extended the hand to Algeria through the initiative of direct dialogue.

2. This spirit of openness is always present in this year's Royal Speech. It is even more so, that the Royal Speech enunciates, one by one, the expectations that today make the construction of the Maghreb an urgent demand:

- The expectations of the Maghreb youth;

- The expectations of economic operators;

- The expectations of external partners, including the EU;

- The expectations of the African brothers;

- The expectations of the Arab brothers.

3. The Royal Speech raises, with courage and lucidity, the question of regional construction, on a Maghreb scale: "In truth, our common enemy lies in the immobilism and the low level of development still experienced by our five peoples" .

4. It is time to engage an active and constructive dynamic, desired by the 5 peoples of the Maghreb.

5. This year's Speech from the Throne had already pointed out that "The latest illustration of this closeness goes back to the African Cup of Nations, recently organized in the brotherly country of Egypt, in which the King and The people of Morocco, in a spontaneous and sincere effort, showed their enthusiastic sympathy and support to the Algerian selection. They joined the Algerian people to share their pride, following the consecretion earned during this competition, because, this victory, they felt it to be theirs as well ".


The recovery of the Moroccan Sahara in the following of the Green March, has metamorphosed the geography of Morocco: « Agadir is almost equidistant from Tangier and the Saharan Provinces ».

Morocco must assimilate and assume its territorial identity, hence:

The need for a different approach to the territory and regions;

The need for more infrastructure, particularly rail;

The need to put infrastructures at the service of all regions.

3. His Majesty the King gives the example of the region of Souss-Massa, which has a potential and which must be considered today as the geographical center of Morocco.

- What has been done in the North (Tangier) and in the West (Kenitra), is better to be reproduced in other regions.

The Royal philosophy of regionalization is that of complementary, supportive and harmonious regions.

4. His Majesty the King affirms with force « Morocco, which we call for, must be built in a spirit of harmony and complementarity between its regions. Everyone must be able to benefit equitably from infrastructures and large projects, necessarily profitable to the whole country .»

5. In this context, the Moroccan Sahara stands out all the more as a link between the Kingdom and its African continent.


Africa remains a priority for the Kingdom of Morocco. It is a fundamental axis of the Kingdom's foreign policy, which is just as much covered by the "new stage" desired by His Majesty the King, God assist him.

The change of name of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is a strong illustration. The focus on African cooperation in the name of the Ministry emphasizes that the continent is a key structuring axis of diplomatic action, in accordance with the High Royal Guidelines.

This diplomatic action, His Majesty the King wants it sincere and credible: a "diplomacy that joins words to action" (دبلوماسية القول والفعل).

The strong commitment of His Majesty the King in Africa, through the many Royal Visits and nearly a thousand agreements signed with different countries, is accompanied by a clear Royal Orientation for Morocco « to honor its commitments and continues to consolidate its presence in Africa. »