Israeli-Palestinian issue: Morocco’s position on the Deal of the Century

Israeli-Palestinian issue: Morocco’s position on the Deal of the Century


The Kingdom of Morocco followed with interest the presentation of the vision of the President of the United States of America, Mr. DonaldTrump, on the Israeli-Palestinian issue. In view of the importance of this vision and its scope, Morocco will examine its details very carefully.

The resolution of the Palestinian question is the key to stability in the Middle East. It is for that reason that the Kingdom of Morocco appreciates the constructive peace efforts of the Trump Administration with a view to achieving a just, lasting and equitable solution to this conflict.

Already, Morocco has noted elements of convergence with the principles and options that it has always defended in this matter:

  • These include the two-state solution;
  • It is also about negotiation between the two parties as the preferred approach to reach any solution, while maintaining an openness to dialogue. Acceptance by the parties of the various elements is, indeed, fundamental to the implementation and sustainability of this plan;
  • While the economic dimension is important, it must be complemented by a political dimension.

With regard to Jerusalem, the Kingdom of Morocco, whose Sovereign chairs the AlQuds Committee:

  • Reiterates the position contained in the "Appeal of Al-Quds " of 30 March 2019, signed by His Majesty the King, Amir Al Mouminine, and PopeFrancis, which affirms the need " that in the Holy City, full freedom of access to the followers of the three monotheistic religions and their right to worship will be guaranteed, so that in Jerusalem / Al-Quds Acharif they may raise their prayers to God, Creator of all, for a future of peace and fraternity on the earth”;
  • Considers that the status of Jerusalem must be preserved. The final decision must be discussed between the parties in accordance with international legality;

The Kingdom of Morocco expresses the wish that a constructive peace process be launched from now on, with a view to a realistic, applicable, equitable and lasting solution to the Israeli-Palestinian question, satisfying the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people, for an independent, viable and sovereign State, with East Jerusalem as its capital, and enabling the peoples of the region to live in dignity, prosperity and stability.