Embassy Organizes Mobile Consulate in Cape Town

Embassy  Organizes Mobile Consulate in Cape Town

The Moroccan Embassy in South Africa organized a mobile consulate for the Moroccan community in Cape Town on February 16 .

Hundreds of Moroccans residing in Cape Town and the neighboring regions visited the consulate and benefited from a range of consular services, including the issuance of biometric passports, national identity card and registration in the civil status registers.

The initiative gave the Moroccan community access to quick and efficient services without having to travel to the city Pretoria host of the Moroccan embassy and is located more than 1,500 kilometers away from Cape Town.

Ambassador Youssef AMRANI took the opportunity to meet Moroccan expatriates living in the southern regions of South Africa. The organization of the mobile consulate comes in response to royal orders to offer accessible services to Moroccan nationals. The initiative also aims to meet the needs of the Moroccan community and strengthen their ties with their motherland.

The functioning of consular administrations should always be up-to-date and accessible to the citizens, emphasized Amrani, recalling the new consular department inaugurated recently in South Africa’s executive capital Pretoria.

 Digitalization of the various consular services puts Moroccan citizens and their well-being at the center of the embassy’s priorities, stressed the ambassador.

The Moroccan community in South Africa, known for its liveliness, diversity, youth, and commitment, has an important role to play representing Morocco in the “Rainbow Nation,” underlined Amrani.

Visitors to the mobile consulate welcomed the initiative and appreciated the Kingdom’s special interest in improving the situation of Moroccans living abroad.

The mobile consulate in Cape Town has become an annual tradition, with the Moroccan embassy mobilizing it every February.