The key role of Morocco in Africa highlighted by Ambassador Amrani on the eNCA News

The key role of Morocco in Africa highlighted by Ambassador Amrani on the eNCA News

Morocco's ambassador to South Africa, Youssef Amrani, highlighted on Sunday on eNCA News, the leading role that Morocco plays within the African continent to promote stability, peace and economic development.

Invited to the main mid-day newsletter of this channel, Mr. Amrani recalled that Morocco, one of the founding fathers of the Organization of African Unity (OAU), has never left Africa. Its decision to withdraw from the OAU in 1984was because the charter was violated by admitting an entitylacks of sovereignty.

"Africa is at the heart of the Moroccan identity. It is an integral part of our DNA. We are not Africans only by geography but as well by history”, said the ambassador, stressing that the human, economic, cultural and spiritual ties that unite Morocco and Africa have always been marked with the seal of a sustainability that has never wavered over time.

in this regard, Ambassador Amrani said that we need a stronger aspiration and determination to promote an age of progress in our continent to tackle the different turbulences and challenges that the continent is facing.

"We have come back because we think the time has come for us as Africans to shape our future," he said, noting that history is knocking at our doors to take our destiny in hands.

He added that Morocco is animated by the strongest will to work hand in hand with its African brothers to shape the way for an era of progress in Africa.

All Africans are called to work together for the stability of the continent through the promotion of growth and job creation, to meet the expectations of a vibrant youth in our continent.

with regards to the issue of the Moroccan Sahara, Mr. Amrani stressed that the question is now under the exclusive mandate of the United Nations through its Security Council on the basis of clear parameters, namely the need to reach a realistic, lasting and practicable political solution.

He recalled, in this context, decision 693 of the African summit in Nouakchott (July 2018), which reaffirmed the exclusive framework of the United Nations while expressing support for the current UN process to find a mutually acceptable political solution to this regional dispute.

Regarding Morocco's contribution to continental efforts to silencingthe guns on the continent, the Ambassador noted that this is an extremely important issue, citing the conflicts in Libya, South -Sudan and Sahel.

Mr. Amrani added that Morocco’s vision in this regard is based on fruitful cooperation,recalling the Kingdom’s highly appreciated contribution during its tenure on the AU’s Peace and Security Council.