FM Nasser Bourita calls for a strategic vision to resolve the Libyan crisis

FM Nasser Bourita calls for a strategic vision to resolve the Libyan crisis


Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccan Expatriates, Mr. Nasser Bourita, called for the formation of a small Arab group charged with developing a strategic vision open to the Libyan parties to help resolve the crisis in Libya.

Speaking at an urgent meeting of the Arab League on the Libyan crisis, Mr. Bourita stressed the need to open up and listen to the different Libyan parties in order to bring their points of view closer together.

These two proposals stem from questions about a common strategic vision within the Arab League that could pave the way for effectively contributing to the resolution of the crisis in Libya, as well as its ability to establish itself as a regional grouping that has an impact on decision-making on the Libya issue, he added.

Mr. Bourita wondered whether it is possible to bypass the Skhirat agreement without an alternative which will at least be accepted at the Libyan and international levels, noting that certain provisions of this agreement will have to be updated.

He reviewed Morocco's approach to the conflict in Libya based on the preservation of the national unity and territorial integrity of Libyans and the rejection of any vision of division.

He also stressed Morocco's commitment to the Arab countries to defend their territorial integrity and national sovereignty, while emphasizing the Kingdom's rejection of any foreign intervention in Libya and any non-Arab interference in the Arab region.

The Minister concluded that Morocco praises all the efforts and initiatives that have been made to bring the views of the Libyans closer together in order to achieve a settlement of the crisis that has been raging for nine years.