UNCTAD Commends Morocco's Role in Africa’s Development

UNCTAD Commends Morocco's Role in Africa’s Development


Secretary-General of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), Mukhisa Kituyi, has commended the contribution and the key role played by Morocco in the strengthening of South-South cooperation and the development of the African continent.

During a virtual meeting held, on the 24 of June 2020 in Geneva with the Group of member countries of the Non-Aligned Movement, Kituyi praised the role of Morocco as an important promoter of South-South cooperation and the Kingdom's commitment to consolidating, through several initiatives, its relations of cooperation at the continental level.

He also hailed the leadership of the Kingdom in terms of capital flows on the African continent and the major contribution of Morocco to the development of investments and growth in Africa.

During this meeting, which focused on the repercussions of the major economic crisis triggered by the COVID 19 pandemic, Kituyi shed light on the extremely negative impact on the economies of developing countries, adding that UNCTAD is making efforts along the various multilateral partners to mitigate the economic and social repercussions of this crisis.

For his part, the Ambassador Permanent Representative of Morocco to the United Nations Office in Geneva, Omar Zniber, underscored the importance of developing South-South cooperation so as to seize all the opportunities offered in terms of cooperation between developing countries.

He also underlined the importance of measures taken to face the crisis, recalling in this regard the several initiatives taken by HM King Mohammed VI and in particular the medical aid sent to several African countries.

The Diplomat also stressed the important role of regional financial institutions in supporting recovery plans undertaken by developing countries, such as the African Development Bank (AfDB) in Africa.

During this meeting, discussions focused on various themes, including the relocation and reorganization of value chains, in addition to issues related to the renegotiation of the debt of the countries of the south.