Moroccan Embassy in Pretoria Launches Communication Campaign on Sahara Issue

Moroccan Embassy in Pretoria Launches Communication Campaign on Sahara Issue

The Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco in Pretoria launches a communication campaign entitled "Myths and Realities: Understand the Sahara Issue".

The campaign is based on a series of short, entertaining and pictorial video clips including the answers of the Moroccan Ambassador to South Africa, Youssef Amrani, to questions asked by a South African journalist, Janice Greaver, on several aspects of the issue of the Kingdom's territorial integrity.

The video footage is intended to shed light on the main aspects of the Kingdom's diplomacy and the fundamental values of its foreign policy doctrine. From the historical aspect to the political reality and the legal dimension, the National Question is presented in all the singularity of its dimensions and in all the authenticity of its parameters.

The structural logic of this campaign is to deconstruct, in an argued manner, the spurious allegations regarding this regional dispute, which some parties would like to perpetuate out of ignorance or ideology. The pedagogical approach adopted along the eight video clips aims at highlighting the historical facts of the matter, the constructive commitments of the Kingdom and the breaches of certain third parties directly concerned by the Moroccan Sahara issue.

Produced in English, these video sequences will be widely broadcast on different digital platforms and social networks in South Africa and beyond in the southern region of the African continent.