EU Commission to Finance Vaccines Production Unit in Morocco

EU Commission to Finance Vaccines Production Unit in Morocco

European Commission


The European Commission is ready to participate in the financing of a vaccines production unit in Morocco, a spokesperson of the EU Commission has said.

The spokesperson expressed the EU’s willingness to contribute to financing the vaccines production unit, Moroccan to facilitate vaccine distribution in Africa.

Speaking on conditions of anonymity, the spokesperson said the EU Commission wants to contribute to African independence in terms of the production of vaccines.

The European official said the unit to be built in Morocco is projected to be both a production and distribution center for vaccines directed to Africa.

The EU is ready to invest in the project if pharmaceutical manufacturing companies submit a clear and structured proposal that fulfills all conditions related to a satisfactory chain in Morocco, the official said.

“Discussions are ongoing on this issue between the European Union and the African Union.” the spokesperson added.

Arguing that such a structure is necessary after COVID-19, the EU official emphasized that the European Commission has strong assets to support such projects through different funds, including the European Fund for Sustainable Development.

They recalled that the European Commission has allocated €456 million to respond and mitigate socio-economic needs in Morocco as part of its plans to address the pandemic.

Morocco has made international headlines for its proactive measures to combat the COVID-19 crisis.

The country has received applause for putting in place a largely effective strategy to tackle the pandemic, including lockdown and state emergency measures to curb infection rates.

Morocco also challenged the economic crisis by redirecting textile factories toward producing millions of facemasks o daily. The country also exported facemasks to developed countries, including France.

The EU has been among the global actors that have expressed satisfaction with Morocco’s quick response to the pandemic on the economic and social fronts.

In late 2020, EU Spokesperson Peter Stano said Morocco was able to “react quickly and effectively” to the pandemic through coordinated efforts.

He also extolled EU-Morocco “privileged” partnership that binds us and to the pioneering spirit that drives it.”