Promotion of National Football: FIFA President Thanks HM the King

Promotion of National Football: FIFA President Thanks HM the King

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President Gianni Infantino thanked Thursday HM King Mohammed VI for his commitment and continuous support for the development of football in Morocco and beyond.

"I would like to thank HM King Mohammed VI for his interest and passion for football, and for his support and ambition to grow the sport even further in Morocco," the FIFA President said in a statement issued by FIFA following his visit to the Kingdom.

“Without HM the King, and without the support of both the government and everyone at the Moroccan Royal Football Federation, this development would not be possible. We were able to discuss openly and to identify concretely the projects for the future development of not only Moroccan football, but of African football, and football across the world, especially as Morocco plays a pivotal role in the global game,” he said.

Infantino also expressed his joy at visiting the country where football is so popular.

"I have visited Morocco several times and I have seen for myself not only its passion for football but also the seriousness shown by the Federation in its work", said the president of FIFA, quoted in the statement, following a series of meetings with FRMF officials.

"We are here to try to figure out how to benefit more of this work. The Moulay Abdallah sports complex in Rabat and other infrastructure across the country can benefit the country itself, all of Africa, and beyond", he underlined.

The FIFA President also praised the initiatives of the FRMF and all those who encourage the practice of women's football. He welcomed the launch of a four-year development plan for the discipline, an initiative which should significantly improve the level of women's football by emphasizing the participation of young girls.

"The conversation I had with Bourita was both stimulating and productive. I took the opportunity to point out to him that Morocco was considered a leading country for the integration of women and young girls in football," said Infantino.

"Interesting initiatives are multiplying, starting with the appointment of Bouchra Kartoubi among the referees of the local championship last October. I am also thinking of the new development strategy for women's football unveiled by the FRMF last summer. There are many opportunities to be seized and I can't wait to see Morocco earn its place in the finals of a FIFA Women's World Cup.

"I let Bourita know that FIFA is ready to help the Federation to support the development of women's football throughout Morocco,", he concluded.