Africa has the face of a woman who lovingly motheres her childrens

Africa has the face of a woman who lovingly motheres her childrens

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It is with great joy, but not carelessly, that we celebrate today the Women who are our mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, colleagues and friends.

Today's celebrations, however, will only be lifelong celebrations when, in Africa and elsewhere, we change and most importantly correct the unacceptable shortcomings of gender inequality.

This international day for women's rights certainly reminds us that we have gone long way but that an equally long road still awaits us. If satisfaction is not in order, it is a sense of responsibility that we should keep in mind today and the days to come. Women’s voices do not yet have the indented, legitimate and deserved echoes and unfortunately it is often oppression, sexism and gender-based violence that is to be blamed

How to tolerate that Women are invisible and silenced, where their words have always been those of wisdom;. How to tolerate that women are locked away, while their freedoms have always been one that made our societies move forward. How to tolerate that women are abused, where their actions have always been those of protection. Contempt for women only reflects on ignorance and ignominy.

There is perhaps no other Continent in this world that knows what it owes to Women as much as the African Continent. Cradle of humanity and a land of value, Africa has the face of a woman who lovingly motheres her childrens.

But many have unfortunately cut the umbilical cord, by betraying the education that has been given to them and by forgetting to cherish what we have as most precious, namely, the complimentarily of our beings and the interdependence of our future.

Women are involved in all Africa’s great fights and none will be won without them. In politics, economics, research, religion, sport and science, Africa needs the commitment of its womens who honour our nations with their intelligence, skills and dedication.

Under the leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, the issue of Women has always been at the heart of the political, social and economic agenda of a Moroccan Nation proud of its female component and faithful to its African identity. Internally and internationally, the Kingdom’s commitment has always been one that promotes the crucial role of women by protecting their legitimate rights and fully interweaving their action with the development efforts that are undertaken.

Let’s make today's celebrations in Africa, a reason to remind our shortcomings and to remain committed to fight against them. As we celebrate women, we celebrate their central role in our societies. Women and Men are meant to walk hand in hand and next to each other in a perfectly synchronized step towards a future which makes no distinction between genders.