South African Editor in Favor of Rapprochement between South Africa and Morocco

South African Editor in Favor of Rapprochement between South Africa and Morocco

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Media plays a vital role in the rapprochement between South Africa and Morocco, said Sifiso Mahlangu, editor of the South African newspaper "The Star", who was on Friday on a visit to the headquarters of the Moroccan News Agency (MAP) in Rabat.

During talks with MAP's Editorial Committee members, Mr. Mahlangu stressed that media can contribute effectively to strengthening relations between Morocco and South Africa at the levels of economy, diplomacy and tourism.

He particularly emphasized media's role in confronting clichés and preconceived notions that only drive people apart and deepen their misunderstanding.

The South African editor highlighted the willingness of The Star's editorial staff to engage in a partnership with MAP, through the exchange of information and visits of officials and journalists from both sides.

In this respect, he underlined the importance of a fruitful cooperation between new agencies in South Africa and Morocco.

In a statement to M24, MAP's 24-hour news channel, Mr. Mahlangu said the purpose of his visit to Morocco, and to MAP in particular, is to discover Morocco, far from the clichés spread about it in South Africa.

"The meeting with members of MAP's Editorial Committee, including the Agency's Directors of Information and Media, was fruitful in the sense that we are all motivated to convey a better image of the Continent," he added.

At the end of his talks, Mr. Mahlangu visited the various MAP editorial offices, as well as the Agency's new building, which houses M24 and RIM Radio studios.

Mr. Mahlangu is a political journalist and The Star's editor since September 2020. He is regarded as South Africa's youngest editor.

The Star, one of South Africa's largest newspapers, was founded in 1887 in Johannesburg.