Morocco Adopts a new Bill on Personal Electricity Generation

Morocco Adopts a new Bill on Personal Electricity Generation


Morocco’s Government Council adopted a new bill on the self-generation of electrical energy. The new bill aims to regulate the ability to generate electricity on the household level through technology such as solar panels.

During the presentation by the Minister of Energy Transition and Sustainable Development, Leila Benali, it was stated that Bill no. 82.21 adjusts the legislative and regulatory framework governing the self-generation of electricity.

The Minister stated that “The bill aims to regulate the activity of self-generation of electrical energy for self-consumption, and this, regardless of the source of production, the nature of the network, the level of voltage or capacity of the facility used”.  It was explained that the bill would help ensure the security of the national grid and compliance with the principles of transparency and non-discrimination between different stakeholders.

The bill is based on several fundamental principles, including “the right for any individual or legal entity, public or private, to benefit from the status of self-producer, with some exceptions under the principle of neutrality,” it is noted.

The bill includes three systems that regulate self-generation in case of connection with electricity networks (declaration system, connection approval, and authorization system), as well as measures to monitor compliance in respect to the provisions of the law and criminal and administrative penalties.

The new bill comes following Morocco announced its plans to abolish delegated management of water, electricity, and liquid sanitation. 

Solar panel technology has been regarded as a welcome solution for remote communities in Morocco offering them Independence and sustainability. When personal electricity generation is connected to the national grid, it is important to establish domestic standards to ensure safety for the grid and the individual himself.

According to a recent study from the prominent King Abdullah Center for Petroleum Studies and Research, Morocco remains to date a leader in the Arab world in terms of electricity from renewable energy.