Morocco set to Become A Global Supplier of COVID-19 Vaccine By 2025

Morocco set to Become A Global Supplier of COVID-19 Vaccine By 2025

Benslimane factory

Morocco is set to become the 2nd or 3rd global supplier of COVID-19 vaccine within four to five years based on the future statistics by the Benslimane factory.

 Samir Machour, an international expert in industrial biotechnology, indicated that Morocco’s vaccine ambitions stretch far beyond the end of the pandemic, specifies the expert. Morocco will supply 60% of COVID-19 jabs delivered in Africa by 2030, a critical measure has given that 85% of the population in Africa remains unvaccinated.

Once Morocco reaches the target production capacity, Africa will be on its way to reaching vaccine independence by 2040.

After setting up a manufacturing unit for vaccine syringes, Morocco has the potential to become an “indispensable” part of the global COVID-19 vaccines supply chain.

The Benslimane factory, inaugurated by His Majesty King Mohammed VI, will put Morocco on the map of global vaccine supplies by 2030.

The strategic project will help Morocco acquire the technical know-how relating to the development of vaccines, paving the way for the creation of vaccine research and development units within Moroccan universities and institutions.

According to experts, this will further contribute to the development of a vaccine-friendly manufacturing ecosystem in Morocco.

Morocco’s ultimate goal is to reach vaccine self-sufficiency. The syringe manufacturing unit is the first stage of a three-stage plan that includes a vaccine research-development stage.

The Benslimane production unit is expected to produce 160 units by the end of 2022, covering Morocco’s vaccine needs.

The production’s capacity will go further up in 2025 to reach 900 million units, catering to six to nine billion vaccine doses, providing the necessary export production capacity.

The factory will produce the actual COVID-19 vaccine at the second phase, with the scientific development of Moroccan-patented biotechnology projected to start around 2025.