Morocco's UM6P To Host 3rd Edition of TEDinArabic

Morocco's UM6P To Host 3rd Edition of TEDinArabic


Morocco's Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P) will be hosting the third edition of TEDinArabic, featuring prominent TED speakers from several fields. The participants will deliver their talks in Arabic before a live audience.

The regional event, which will take place on October 13 2022 at the UM6P's campus in Ben Guerir, aims to highlight "ideas" that have the power to "change minds and create social impact worldwide," said the organizers in a press release.

The organizers emphasized the importance of "reaching and engaging" a wider and more diverse audience, specifically in the Arab world.

The event will feature speakers sharing their ideas on the “most pressing global challenges," added the statement, stressing that "sharing ideas boldly is key to shaping our shared future and embracing our humanity."

Four Arab speakers from different disciplines will take part, including Moroccan architect and civil engineer Aziza Chaouni. Born in the city of Fez, Chaouni focuses on creating sustainable environments that benefit communities.

Hayat Sindi, who is one of "the world’s leading biotechnologists and a global champion of science and technology," will also deliver a talk at the event, the event’s organizers added.

The other speaker, Suzanne Talhouk, is an author, poet, as well as a strong advocate of the preservation of the Arabic language.

The event will include a wide range of activities, including a series of "interactive" workshops, and a performance by local Moroccan  Sahrawi band Joudour Sahra.

Organized in partnership with Qatar foundation, the event will be overseen by Moroccan journalist and presenter at Al Jazeera Network Mohamed Errammach.

The event is building up to the TEDinArabic Summit, which will later take place in Doha, Qatar in March 2023.