Forbes identifies Morocco’s Rich Ecotourism Potential

Forbes identifies Morocco’s Rich Ecotourism Potential


American business magazine Forbes has highlighted Morocco’s rich potential in terms of ecotourism, underlining the country’s various landscapes, from mountains and deserts to beaches and forests. It denotes that the Tourism operators in Morocco are slowly shifting towards sustainable and eco-friendly tourism.

Beyond the renowned Moroccan red city - Marrakech, Forbes sought to highlight other parts of the country and promote them as key tourism destinations, notably for sustainable and eco-friendly travel.

“Marrakech is often on the itinerary, but people want to see other parts of the country,” the American magazine quoted international travel designer Alex Wix as saying.

The article titled “Morocco beyond Marrakech: New Soulful Luxury in The Mountains, The Seaside And The Desert,” Forbes’ article noted that traveling to Morocco from Europe and the US is becoming “increasingly easy,” thanks to the availability of direct flights.

This has given the North African country great advantage, and a “new appeal for people who want to get off the beaten path, to get into nature, to choose quiet over chaos,” the magazine argued.

Wix, who is the owner of Wix Squared travel agency, said that she and her husband have been trying to become more sustainable and work with hotels “that are aware of contributing to the environment in a positive way.”

The eco-friendly practices include using “organic farms, solar panels, or slowing down the pace of travel,” she explained.

“It turns out that Morocco, within a fairly tight radius of Marrakech, has a lot of things worth slowing down for and appreciating,” including the northern industrial zone of Sidi Ghannem, indicated the Forbes article.

Among the activities that tourists can enjoy in these areas are trekking, mountain biking, and “eating homemade tagine on the terraces of Berber villagers’ homes,” Forbes noted.

Besides Marrakech, the Moroccan coastal city of Essaouira has increasingly become a popular destination for tourists looking to enjoy the city’s tranquility, and for those looking for a great kite surfing spot.

Regarding accommodation, Forbes highlighted the various eco-friendly options available in Morocco, from “eco domes” near Essaouira, to fully equipped tents in the Agafay desert near Marrakech.

Morocco’s tourism operators have shown a growing interest in contributing to the development of the country’s ecotourism. In July 2022, the territorial municipality of Tafoughalt, a small town in Morocco's Oriental region, launched an ecotourism project in a bid to protect the environment and promote the region as a tourist destination.