67th anniversary of the FAR: His Majesty King Mohammed VI announces the creation of the Royal Center for Defense Studies and Research

67th anniversary of the FAR: His Majesty King Mohammed VI announces the creation of the Royal Center for Defense Studies and Research

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His Majesty King Mohammed VI, Supreme Commander and Chief of General Staff of FAR, sent, on May 14th 2023, an order of the day to officers, non-commissioned officers and privates, on the occasion of the 67th anniversary of the creation of the Royal Armed Forces (FAR).

Here follows the translation:


"Praise be to God, may peace and blessings be upon the Prophet, his Kith and Kin,


Officers, non-commissioned officers and privates,


On this glorious day, which coincides with the sixty-seventh anniversary of the creation of the Royal Armed Forces, We address to all of you Our sincere congratulations, together with Our deep sympathy and satisfaction on this happy occasion, while expressing to you Our great joy and full contentment for the commendable actions you have performed and are performing for the defense of the Nation's constants and its sacralities, as well as for the qualities of soldier and true and authentic citizen, which have always been yours and remain anchored in the history of the Moroccan soldier, full of glories and heroism.

The tasks you perform, the sincere will and self-denial you show in defending the Homeland and its territorial integrity, in keeping with the oath of the Green March, are the reasons for Our pride and Our esteem towards you and towards the commendable missions entrusted to the members of the Royal Armed Forces, all components combined, land, air, naval and Royal Gendarmerie, who watch over the territorial integrity of the Kingdom, night and day, and defend, with determination and resilience, the sacredness of the Homeland.


Officers, non-commissioned officers and privates,


The ability to project into the future and the need to adapt to unforeseen developments and to perform multiple and varied tasks, under any circumstances and at any time, require, in execution of Our Majesty's Orders, continuous work to develop the planning and command system with the activation of a wide network of communication and information means in order to carry out the main missions, with discipline and professionalism.

The geostrategic changes that are taking place on the international scene require, in addition to constant vigilance and continuous adaptation, to adopt a rational approach, both qualitative and quantitative, in order to strengthen the defensive, operational and logistical capabilities of Our Forces, as well as to acquire modern technical means in areas as sensitive as the management of operations and defense systems, surveillance and digitalization, which requires preparation and qualification of the human element to accompany the changes.

In this context, and in addition to the development and scientific research programs launched in partnership with the Moroccan universities and institutes in order to adhere to the development dynamics that the national industry knows, We have given Our Orders for the creation of the Royal Center for Defense Studies and Research under the Royal College of Higher Military Education, to which We have entrusted the mission to contribute to enshrining the strategic approach in the treatment of the problems and stakes of the defense and security system, in its global dimensions, and to create a space for analytical, civil and military competences.


Officers, non-commissioned officers and privates,


Our Majesty's determination to lay the foundations of fraternity, solidarity and peace, on the regional, continental and international levels, considered as a main factor to strengthen the bilateral and multilateral military cooperation links, has allowed to maintain solid structural relations with the different partners and friends, which has greatly contributed to strengthening Our defense system and to consolidating the capital of Our Armed Forces, as a reliable partner in establishing security and disseminating the values of tolerance and peace, in accordance with the international conventions.

In line with Our concern to consecrate and consolidate this approach, the Royal Armed Forces have continued to open up to their external environment, which is manifested through the intensification of partnerships with the armies of friendly countries, the Moroccan contingents' active participation in peacekeeping operations, and the reinforcement of support to brotherly African countries in the field of training and education in Our military institutes and schools.


Officers, non-commissioned officers and privates,


The constant perseverance and the permanent mobilization, which you have always shown, only reinforce Our determination to continue the effort and the action so that you can have the necessary means to carry out your multiple tasks. It is necessary, in this respect, to commend the commendable efforts that you deploy, with all your components, as well as with your counterparts of the National Security, the Auxiliary Forces, the Civil Protection and the Territorial Administrations, in the fields of the management of the emergencies, of the relief and of the social solidarity.

While We salute you for your great spirit of discipline, determination and perseverance during all your interventions in the field, We also wish to express Our pride for your continuous mobilization in accompanying the training of a new promotion of conscripts to the military service, to which Our Majesty attaches particular attention in order to guarantee its success and to achieve its noble goals. In compliance with Our High Instructions, the Royal Armed Forces have mobilized, for this purpose, all their capacities and military cadres, within the framework of an active partnership with public administrations and the Office of Vocational Training and Employment Promotion.

We have ensured, during the restoration of military service, that conscripts receive training in both basic military expertise and professional qualification, which will help them sharpen their technical, physical and psychological capabilities, as well as qualify them to project themselves into the future with hope, confidence and discipline, and be worthy of participating actively in the economic and social renaissance of the Homeland.


Officers, non-commissioned officers and privates,


As every year, on this memorable occasion, We remember all the historical epics led by Our Glorious Ancestors and Our brave Heroes, headed by Our Grandfather, His Majesty King Mohammed V and Our venerated Father, His Majesty King Hassan II, may God sanctify their souls, as well as Our valiant martyrs, who sacrificed what is dearest to them for the freedom and glory of the Homeland. They should serve as a model for you, from whom you should learn, be inspired and follow the path.

May God bless you all, guide your steps, crown your actions with success, and preserve you as a protective shield and an impregnable bulwark of Our Homeland, proud of its supreme values on which the family of the Royal Armed Forces was founded, and of your constant loyalty to your Supreme Commander, and always attached to your sacred and eternal motto: God - the Homeland - the King."