His Majesty King Mohammed VI presided over the launch of the emergency plan for the victims of the Al Haouz Earthquake

His Majesty King Mohammed VI presided over the launch of the emergency plan for the victims of the Al Haouz Earthquake

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On September 14, 2023, His Majesty King Mohammed VI presided over the launching of the emergency plan to relocate the affected victims and cater to the needs of the most severely impacted groups, in the wake of the Al Haouz earthquake.



The meeting follows up on a series of actions decreed by the Monarch to mobilize all available resources, promptly and efficiently, to assist the affected families. It significantly focuses on hastening the rehabilitation and reconstruction measures in the localities devastated by this unprecedented natural catastrophe.


The initial version of the resettlement program addresses approximately 50,000 homes, either completely or partially collapsed, in the five affected provinces. The plan entails, on one hand, implementing urgent temporary resettlement actions. These include suitable accommodation to withstand cold and adverse weather conditions, or establishing shelter sites equipped with all necessary facilities. Moreover, the government will grant an emergency aid of 30,000 dirhams to the affected households.


In this regard, His Majesty The King emphasized to the competent authorities the extreme priority of the resettlement operation, that must be conducted with fairness and a continual assessment of the needs of the affected communities.


Furthermore, the program includes immediate reconstruction efforts, which will commence following preliminary expertise operations and groundwork to stabilize the terrains. Financial assistance has been earmarked for this purpose: 140,000 dirhams for completely collapsed homes and 80,000 dirhams to facilitate the rehabilitation of partially damaged residences.


His Majesty also underscored the imperative of conducting the reconstruction based on a specified set of requirements, with technical and architectural supervision that preserves the harmony of the region’s heritage and maintains its unique architectural features.


Additionally, during this session, His Majesty reiterated His High instructions for a robust, swift, and assertive response, ensuring the dignity of the populations, their traditions and heritage are upheld. The measures should not only aim to rectify the earthquake damages but also to initiate a thoughtful, integrated, and ambitious program for the comprehensive upgrading of the affected regions, encompassing infrastructure strengthening and enhancing the quality of public services.


This comprehensive initiative will chiefly mobilize the financial resources of the state and public entities. It also welcomes contributions from private and associative participants, as well as friendly and brotherly countries wishing to assist, to whom His Majesty renewed, on this occasion, the Kingdom of Morocco’s deepest gratitude.


During the meeting, His Majesty, may God assist Him, also brought up another highly priority and critical matter: the immediate care for orphaned children who now find themselves without family or resources. The Sovereign called for these children to be registered and granted the status of Wards of the Nation.


Furthermore, to rescue them from their distressing situation and protect them from potential vulnerabilities and the risks they might face in the aftermath of this natural disaster, His Majesty directed the government to promptly draft the necessary legislation to facilitate their adoption.


Under the insightful leadership and endeavors of its Sovereign, Morocco reaffirms its inherent resilience, a distinguishing attribute of its ability to confront trials and challenges with strength, wisdom, and determination, bolstered by robust institutions and the solidarity and generosity of its people.