The regrettable loss of Amb. Fadl Nacerodien

The regrettable loss of Amb. Fadl Nacerodien

Morocco National Day 31Jul2023 217

It is with profound sorrow and respect that I extend my heartfelt condolences on the passing of my brother and colleague Fadl Nacerodien. His dedicated service, significant contributions and constructive efforts in strengthening diplomatic relations have left an indelible mark, his legacy will continue to inspire those who aspire to serve their country and to serve peace and diplomatic relations between countries.

The passing of my brother Fadl came in an already tragic time, while I was in Morocco sharing the sorrow of fellow Moroccans, and assimilating the shock of the devastating catastrophe that struck my country. Nevertheless, despite how mournful these times are, we recall that from God we Come and to Him we are returning. In this sad event, I stand in solidarity with you, Fadl Nacerodien’s family, friends, and colleagues. I hope that you all find the strength and solace to cope with this immense loss, and that the memories of his commitment to peace and mutual understanding among nations will serve as a lasting comfort. Please know that my thoughts and deepest sympathies are with you.

Despite being away from Pretoria, I share the sadness and sorrow of my colleagues in mourning the passing of Amb. Fadl Nacerodien. The touching ceremony organized by DIRCO commemorates an outstanding diplomat that will never be forgotten for his human and professional skills.